Some resources for traditional black-and-white photography, especially in the U.K.

Manufacturers of film, paper, chemicals and darkroom equipment

Ilford Photo
The definitive maker of film, chemicals and paper for black-and-white photography.
Maker of darkroom equipment for home and craft photography.
Kaiser Fototechnik
Darkroom equipment. In particular, the largest range of enlargers in production today.
Manual and semi-automated film and paper processors, including the CPP3 system re-introduced in 2012 due to the resurgence in interest in traditional, craft photography.
U.S. maker of enlargers and accessories, also available in the U.K.
Richards of Hull
Makers of equipment for larger/commercial darkrooms, including film processing tank lines and darkroom sinks and benches.
Odyssey Sales
Makers of DeVere enlargers. They also sell factory-refurbished DeVeres and processors, with full warranties.
Darkroom chemicals, paper and digital papers and inks.
New55 Film
A crowd-funded project to re-start production of an equivalent of Polaroid's 'type 55' instant black-and-white negative (and positive) 4x5 film. Expected to be available in early 2015.
Production of some of Polaroid's classic colour and black-and-white instant print film/paper has been re-started by the Impossible Project. Initially in 'type 600' size.
Film Ferrania
Crowd-funded project to re-start production of still and motion picture film at Ferrania in Italy.
Impossible Project
Polaroid-compatible instant film and cameras.
Various vintage/retro films, including instant, and retro-style film cameras.

U.K. suppliers of film, paper, chemicals and darkroom equipment

An excellent, knowledgeable, specialist shop for traditional photography supplies and equipment.
Firstcall Photographic
A comprehensive specialist supplier of traditional photographic materials and darkroom equipment.
Ag Photographic
Specialist supplier of materials and darkroom equipment for traditional film photography.
Speed Graphic
A wide range of film, chemicals and darkroom equipment.
Another wide range of supplies and equipment for traditional photography.
Second-hand Darkroom Supplies
A huge range of second-hand darkroom and camera equipment, including enlargers and processors, much of it no longer in production. Also (new) film, chemicals and materials.
Calumet Photographic
Materials and darkroom equipment, amongst other things.
RK Photographic
A specialist supplier in London.
Focal Point Imaging
Film and darkroom supplies, based in Exeter.
Retro Photo Supplies
Retro/vintage film supplies, including 127 and 620 film formats.
Parallax Photographic Coop
A shop in Brixton specialising in film and darkroom supplies and equipment.
The Imaging Warehouse
Photographic and darkroom supplies.

U.K. mail-order black-and-white film processing/printing/scanning services

Ilford Lab Direct
Specialist black-and-white film processing, printing and scanning by Ilford themselves, for all film formats. They've even announced a new lab in the U.S. recently, due to increasing demand.
Metro Imaging
Film processing, professional hand-printing, scanning, and other services, based in London.
Professional film processing, scanning and printing.
Ag Photo Lab
New division of Ag Photographic dedicated to film processing, printing and scanning.
Cheap Drumming Scanning UK
A well-respected service for drum scanning (the ultimate in quality and dynamic range from film).

U.K. suppliers of film cameras

Linhof and Studio
Linhof and other large-format cameras and equipment, film and digital. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Robert White
Ebony large-format landscape cameras plus lots of general camera accessories. Also very helpful and knowledgeable.
Large-format cameras including Arca Swiss, Linhof, Ebony and Cambo.
Various makes of large-format cameras, including Linhof and Arca Swiss.

Forums, tuition and other resources

Large Format Photography
Active forum, with lots of useful information and knowledgeable participants. Also various articles.
Analog Photography Users Group
Forum, articles, local groups and lots more.
A site dedicated to film photography.
Local Dark Room
A community resource provided by HARMAN Technology (Ilford Photo) to help bring together those who have a darkroom and those who would like local access.
Darkroom Dave
Lots of useful information, tutorials and courses for analogue photography, from an Ilford Master Printer. See also: Dave Butcher's darkroom workshops.
Artisan Analogue Photography Courses
Film photography and darkroom courses by respected practitioners, run by HARMAN Technology (Ilford Photo). and Rolleiclub
About my preferred camera system for landscape photography.
Darkroom Dave
Film photography and darkroom printing tutorial videos, workshops, and resources by Dave Butcher, ex. Ilford chemist and manager. See also: Davie's workshops.
Lux Darkroom
A darkroom in central London offering workshops and private tuition in analogue and alternative photographic processes.

Organisations protecting and promoting the landscape of the U.K.

I have a deep love of the landscape of the U.K. With a population rising fast it's under pressures more than ever for development and alternative land uses. These are some key organisations who do fantastic work looking after and trying to protect it for future generations. Please consider joining and contributing to them; it can make a very real difference.
National Trust
Joining the National Trust helps them financially and gives you free entry to lots of places too.
Campaign for National Parks
I believe that our national parks are one of the most precious and wonderful resources that Britain has.
Campaign to Protect Rural England
Working to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations.
The Woodland Trust
Caring for our native and ancient woodlands and making them accessible for all to enjoy.
English Heritage
Protecting the historic buildings of England.
Protecting the historic buildings of Wales.