Derelict quarry building and hole, Black Mountain, Brecon Beacons, Wales | The Silver Monochrome: black-and-white film photography by Martin Dyde
Derelict quarry building and hole, Foel Fawr, Black Mountain, Brecon Beacons, Wales, winter 2010. Ref: Pr4. (Technical details: Nikon D3x digital camera, Zeiss 50mm Planar lens at f/8, no filter, Adobe Lightroom.)

Along with two others in my portfolio, I took the photograph a few years ago when I last experimented briefly with digital photography, before reconfirming my preference for the experience of using, and results from, analogue black-and-white film, which I've used exclusively since then. Although it was originally taken on digital, it's still one of my favourite images. I went back to the quarry in 2014 to re-photograph it on film (since I believe I could have improved upon it a little), but the quarry buildings had been altered and tidied up, losing their aesthetic attraction for me.

World War II building, Mumbles Head, Gower, Wales, spring 2014

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